A Cute Bag

Of course I love making any bag, but this was fun an so easy to make. This poodle fabric is gorgeous.

IMG_6185Fiona’s Freeway by Chris W Designs




in 2016 I joined U-Handbags, an online group to join, and in return get a bag pattern each month. Such wonderful patterns and so well presented.


As I was going to travel, I made The Epithany by Chris W Designs, to take with me.

It is so roomy and easily accomodates my iPad along with all the other must haves that one carries. I have a cross body strap which leaves me hands free if needed. I used a wool blend with a contrast cotton fabric. As I am writing this during my journey, I can give it a thumbs up.

Another innovative group of Bagmakers from the Philippines


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While visiting my family in Manila, I was given a bag made from newspapers. The gift came from a gentleman who had offices in the same building as my son. He knew that I was involved with Berdabags, and as he supported the village using newspapers, he gave me a bag. I love using it.

These bags are so strong, which is surprising. The newspaper is used in many different ways. Sometimes folded flat, sometimes rolled, sometimes rolled and twisted, the ideas are endless. Not sure how or what is used, but the bags are waterproofed. It certainly wouldn’t do in the Philippines to be out and about with a bag that wasn’t waterproof. When it rains it pelts down.

I have also watched a group of high school students, making photo frames from newspapers. They roll the paper very tightly, and use  the colours in the paper as part of the overall effect.

Now you know I have a chef in my kitchen!