A Cute Bag

Of course I love making any bag, but this was fun an so easy to make. This poodle fabric is gorgeous.

IMG_6185Fiona’s Freeway by Chris W Designs



Backyard Friends

Having by passed their usual variety of nests in my backyard,(various hanging baskets, with or without plants), this pair of bronze winged pigeons made a nest on the thin precarious ledge on top of the gas box. It didn’t matter that space and comfort was limited, as they successfully raised two healthy chicks. They spent a week on the ground before moving out of the yard.

Shepherd Family Calendar

Three years ago I decided ato do a family calendar. My plan was to use photos taken within the year and include siblings, our children, Grandies etc. I needed to get Family to send photos. The verbal response was enthusiastic, but it ended there. Until now that is. It had been a mammoth task, but with around 100 photos it has gone to the printers!

I feel I have got to know nieces and nephews whom I have never met, as well as ones     who have grown up without me knowing! I do know that they are a great looking lot!



This is the front of my calendar, taken in 1952. Inside are our descendants. I did get it straight for the cover!


in 2016 I joined U-Handbags, an online group to join, and in return get a bag pattern each month. Such wonderful patterns and so well presented.


As I was going to travel, I made The Epithany by Chris W Designs, to take with me.

It is so roomy and easily accomodates my iPad along with all the other must haves that one carries. I have a cross body strap which leaves me hands free if needed. I used a wool blend with a contrast cotton fabric. As I am writing this during my journey, I can give it a thumbs up.