A Cute Bag

Of course I love making any bag, but this was fun an so easy to make. This poodle fabric is gorgeous.

IMG_6185Fiona’s Freeway by Chris W Designs



Christmas bags



I promised my Grandaughter a bag for Christmas. She chose the pattern and the rest was up to me. I some gorgeous fabric saved so went ahead. Finished, I thought the handles may be a bit short for her as I know how she likes to sling a bag over her shoulder. So she would not be disappointed I had a contingency plan. In the meantime I had an across the body pattern I was anxious  make and knew she would love it. You guessed, she got 2 bags for Christmas, both patterns by Chris W Designs.

Joanna loved them both, so to prove that the handles were comfortable , she sent me a picture of her Carriers Conquest. Such a lovely bag with lots of zip pockets and an interior flap to hide open ones. The Snazzy Slouch is her cross the body bag. I haven’t had a report but I know she will love all the convenient pockets there.

Found on the Beach

A year ago I saw lots of these little fellows on the beach. I tried to find out what they were but obviously I looked in the wrong places! A negative reply eventually came from the Premiers Department! They have started appearing again, but not so many. Can anyone tell me what they are?


You can see by the ribbon seaweed that it is not very big. It is the texture of a jellyfish. I thought it was a jellyfish part until I discovered so many.

Backyard Friends

Having by passed their usual variety of nests in my backyard,(various hanging baskets, with or without plants), this pair of bronze winged pigeons made a nest on the thin precarious ledge on top of the gas box. It didn’t matter that space and comfort was limited, as they successfully raised two healthy chicks. They spent a week on the ground before moving out of the yard.

Shepherd Family Calendar

Three years ago I decided ato do a family calendar. My plan was to use photos taken within the year and include siblings, our children, Grandies etc. I needed to get Family to send photos. The verbal response was enthusiastic, but it ended there. Until now that is. It had been a mammoth task, but with around 100 photos it has gone to the printers!

I feel I have got to know nieces and nephews whom I have never met, as well as ones     who have grown up without me knowing! I do know that they are a great looking lot!



This is the front of my calendar, taken in 1952. Inside are our descendants. I did get it straight for the cover!