I think I started making bags when I found a gorgeous piece of fabric, and so created a bag to show off the design. Not a fancy pattern but just something out of my head. I was hooked! I made bags for anyone who admired my handy work.

The first structured bag I made was at a class with  Carolyn, to make her design, a Rittzy Tote Bag. What fun that was. Needless to say I was stuck with this idea. All the girls in my family got a bag, including one for a d-I-l living in Manila. After 6months, and it hadn’t arrived, I was devistated and imagined someone walking around Manila  with my work of art hanging off their arm. Imagine my joy when I got the call to say it had arrived! That was quite some time ago.

This is still one of my favourites, and it certainly has been well used.


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